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  • Nov
    [NEWS] Introducing 2 molding equipment in candy production line

    During the candy production there are two methods for forming candy granules- stamping (die forming) and depositing.Stamping forming equipment for candy production lineMain components: sugar transfer wheel, scraper and bucket for sugar crumbs, scraper and bucket for discharging, rotating head, cutti

  • Nov
    [NEWS] Daily maintenance automatic granule packing machine

    The granule packaging machine can package the fine particles of the granules and water pills, sugar, coffee, fruit, tea, monosodium glutamate, salt, desiccant, seeds, etc., and automatically complete the measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, printing batch number and counting. The work procedur

  • Nov
    [NEWS] How does the automatic pillow packing machine work?

    Automatic pillow-type packaging machine uses variable-speed motor to drive the chain type continuously variable transmission through the V-belt. Through the speed regulation of the shifting chain in the gearbox, different running speeds are obtained, and then transmitted to the planetary differentia

  • Oct
    [NEWS] Classification of food packaging machines

    According to the scope of use can be divided into: household, industrial; According to product status, there are liquid, block, granular packaging machine;According to the packaging function, there are inner packaging and out packaging machines; According to the packaging industry, there are food, d

  • Oct
    [NEWS] Maintenance of frying machine in Shaqima production line equipment

    The maintenance of the Shaqima frying machine is very important for the user. If you don't know how to maintain it, there will be various problems in the mechanical use in a few short years. Such as replacing mechanical parts or various mechanical failures, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to

  • Oct
    [NEWS] How to choose the right packaging machine?

    1. Determine which products you want to pack.Some customers need to package a variety of products, and hope that one packaging equipment can package all varieties. In fact, the dedicated machine is often better than the compatible machine. It is best to pack only 3-5 varieties in one packaging machi

  • Oct
    [NEWS] How to increase the production of Shaqima (Sachima) when using the production line?

    Change the way of production: from the traditional slow-paced production to continuous. Rolling is the method of Shaqima molding. In the early stage, intermittent forming is used, while the Shaqima production line is divided into three sections, production efficiency is very low. Continuous producti

  • Oct
    [NEWS] Can people with high blood sugar and diabetes eat xylitol Shaqima?

    The taste of xylitol Shaqima is sweet, can people with high blood sugar and diabetes eat it?The sugar we usually say is an aldehyde or ketone compound. And xylitol, which is popular around the world, especially among diabetics and dieter- an alcoholic compound, that is a normal middle of xylose meta

  • Oct
    [NEWS] Shaqima's calories and nutrition

    Shaqima's calories and nutritionShaqima's heat is relatively high. A 50-gram Shaqima contains about 230 calories, each hundred grams of Shaqima contains 470 calories. Because Shaqima is fried food and is glued with sugar syrup, its heat is self-evident. Shaqima should not be eaten often, which may c

  • Nov
    [NEWS] Vacuum packaging machine maintenance

    Vacuum packaging machine maintenance method 1. Under normal circumstances, the oil in the vacuum pump should be bright and clear, and there should be no blistering or turbidity. After the oil has settled at rest, if there is a milky white substance that cannot disappear, it means that foreign

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