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RDH Food Seasoning Mixing Machine



Snack Food Flavoring Mixing Machine

This sugar syrup flavoring mixing machine is a special equipment for producing Shaqima caramel treats and peanut brittles, which has the characteristics of convenient and even operation of mixing.

The pp board is lined without sugar and easy to clean. Simple and convenient operation, comes with independent temperature control system.

It is suitable for stirring, heating, cooking and frying of various high-viscosity sauces: stuffing industry (jam, lotus seed, bean paste, fruit jelly, candied fruit, jujube puree), cooked meat products processing (salty, meat sauce, beef sauce, Seafood sauce), condiment industry (hot pot base, instant noodle sauce, chili sauce), confectionery industry (sweetened sugar, boiled syrup, sugar fried nuts), canteens and fast food (stir-fry, cooking) and other food processing applications.


1. External wall insulation

2. PTFE material in the barrel, high temperature resistance, anti-stick sugar

3. Fast stirring speed

4. Good mixing effect

Device parameters

Power supply

three-phase 380V, 60Hz

Motor power



93 revolutions/ min

Heating tube power

3.4KW, 380V, 60Hz



2. seasoning mixing machine

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