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Oatmeal Chocolate/ Granola Bar Machine


36. Oat

This granola bar cutting forming machine is suitable for the molding of grain confectionery mixed with chocolate and granule particle (oatmeal, oats, millet, peanuts, nuts, etc.).

Main characteristics

1) PLC control and high-quality frequency converter, easy to adjust speed, stable performance.

2) Stainless steel machine parts, precision rotor pump to inject material, which is more stable and easier to clean, and meet the food sanitary requirement.

3) For the whole granola bar forming machine adopts mechanical transmission, location is very accurate, moulds work closely together to form good effect, and the appearance is beautiful.

It can adjust the tightness of product. Direct molding, without rework and loss.

Technical parameters

Moulds quantity

98 pieces



Forming part

11 KW

Dimension (L*W*H)

6000*1600*1800 mm

Installed capacity  

50 KVA

Water temperature


Working temperature

<25 C

Relative humidity


 * Oatmeal chocolate is a kind of candy snack food by mixing chocolate with cereal, oats, millet, peanuts and nuts. It is heathy , delicious and popular food in the market.

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*Oatmeal Chocolate Bar /Granola Bar Production Line

  Process Flow: Material processing → Chocolate production → Feeding→ Forming→ Demoulding, Cooling → Packing

  Capacity: 200kg/h

  Can be customized according to requests.

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