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Introducing 2 molding equipment in candy production line

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RD60 Twisted candy (cane candy) production line (2)

During the candy production there are two methods for forming candy granules- stamping (die forming) and depositing.

Stamping forming equipment for candy production line

Main components: sugar transfer wheel, scraper and bucket for sugar crumbs, scraper and bucket for discharging, rotating head, cutting wheel.

Stamping is the primary method of hard candy molding. The earliest use of intermittent single punch molding, can only process 1 candy at a time, production efficiency is very low. At present, continuous rotary stamping molding machines are used more, which can process more candy blocks at the same time, production efficiency is greatly improved.

During production, the sugar strip after cooling and sizing, enters forming machine, sugar transfer wheel feeds it into rotating head under the action of friction force, the sugar strip is entangled into the outer edge of the forming groove. Through squeezing by sugar-cutting wheel, the sugar strip is pressed into forming tank and broken into pieces. At the same time, the sugar stick moves forward under the push of cam and pushes candy pieces into the forming hole. After being shoveled, candy pieces enter sugar discharging bucket and fall into the vibrating sifter, and after the candy pieces are cooled, they can be packaged.

Depositing forming machine for candy production line

Main components: conveyor belt, model tray, sugar injection nozzle, pump, storage tank, cooling device.

Depositing forming has a wide range of adaptation, it can produce hard candy, semi-soft and soft candy. During the molding process, when the sugar paste is still active, the liquid syrup is quantitatively injected into the continuous running model tray, then rapidly cooled and shaped, finally separated from the model tray, and then sent by conveyor belt to packaging machine for packaging.

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