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Frying Pan


2. Fryer - 副本

Main characteristics

1. Automatic temperature control system to ensure stable quality of frying foods.

2. Pneumatic lift for unloading, operation is convenient.

3. Easy to replace the mixing port for semi-automatic production.

4. Various forms of heating method can adapt to different environmental conditions. 


It is applicable to fried food processing enterprises, can process a variety of foods, such as frozen rice candy, shrimp strip, and other flour products, puffed food.

Technical Parameters



Fring area size


Oil capacity

300 L


200~400 kg/hour

Power supply


Electric power

0.3 kw

Heating power

40 kw

Gas consumption

Liquefied gas:   6-7 kg/hour

2.2 Frying Equipment--food - 副本

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