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Cookie And Cake Forming Machine



Brief Introduction of The Cookie & Cake Depositor

Double working system, it can be used as cookie forming machine, making various fancy cookies, puffs, macarons, Jenny cookies, etc.; can also be used as cake filling/injection machine, making various cakes, or liquid raw material products.

Cookie Forming Machine

1. LCD touch screen, PLC controlled, data memory function, recipes can be set freely, operation is simple.

2. This machine is multi-purpose, the nozzles can be changed quickly. It is suitable for small output, multi-variety production, and mass production.

3. The nozzles can be rotated to form various extruded shapes.

4. Wire cutting function, can make flaky shape cookies.

Cake Forming Machine

1. It can work separately or connect to production line, it is easy to use and has high production efficiency.

2. LCD touch screen, PLC controlled, simple operation.

3. Data memory function, recipes can be set freely.

4. It can deposit at fixed point or displacement in order to make diversified products.

cookie+cake forming machine

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