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20 - 副本

Key Features

1. The traction chain has high strength, can be used for long-distance transportation, which is stable and reliable.

2. Various processes, such as sorting, drying, cooling or assembly can be carried out during conveying;

3. Conveying capacity is large, efficient conveyor allows large amount of materials to be transported in small space.

4. Low energy consumption, with internal friction of material, the material is pushed to pull, energy saving and durable.

5. Service life is long, conveyor chain is made of heat-treated alloy steel.

6. Process layout is flexible, can be arranged on the elevated, ground or pit, can be installed horizontally or climbed, and can be fed in and out at multiple points.

Technical Parameters

Dimensions (mm)

Air source pressure (Mpa)

Lifting capacity (kg)

Lifting height (mm)

Lifting speed (m/min)

Weight (kg)





* Special requirements can be customized



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