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Can people with high blood sugar and diabetes eat xylitol Shaqima?

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The taste of xylitol Shaqima is sweet, can people with high blood sugar and diabetes eat it?

The sugar we usually say is an aldehyde or ketone compound. And xylitol, which is popular around the world, especially among diabetics and dieter- an alcoholic compound, that is a normal middle of xylose metabolism and widely distributed in fruits, vegetables, cereals, mushrooms, wood, straw and corn cob. It is a pure natural new functional sweetener and high-grade health food. It is widely used in many modern industrial products, such as food and medicine. Therefore, xylitol is not sugar!


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Since xylitol is not sugar, can diabetics eat it?

People with diabetes can use xylitol without concern. In addition, xylitol even has benefits for human health: prevention of dental caries, prevention of osteoporosis, adjuvant treatment of respiratory diseases, improvement of liver function, reduction of intestinal adhesion activity, inhibition of enterobacteria.

As a sweetener, xylitol is mainly used in the following aspects: chewing gum, chocolate products and beverages. The sugar-free chewing gum and xylitol chocolate are all suitable for diabetic patients. But beverage products also contain other sugars, so patients with diabetes should give up the drink.

Xylitol has so many benefits, but this does not mean you can eat it as much as you want.

Excessive consumption of xylitol has certain side effects: for example, causing stomach upset, and blood lipids may increase.

Therefore, people with high blood sugar or diabetes can eat xylitol Shaqima with the right amount!

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