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Automatic Strong Refrigerating and Cutting Machine


3. For cereal bars-- Automatic Cooling and Cutting Machine

Equipment Introduction

This machine is composed of mixer, feeder, spreader, flapper, spreader, cooling flow pump, and automatic cutting machine. The whole machine adopts frequency conversion and speed synchronization, PLC controls cutting length, seven rollers are flattened, and microcomputer control The molding temperature is good, the molding square is good, the cutting length is accurate, the product weight is consistent, and the whole machine is continuously produced, which realizes a truly fully automatic intelligent operation. Scope of application: cereal bars, roasted Shaqima, rice crackers, sunflower seeds crisps, peanut crisps, sesame crisps, custard crisps, nutrition bars, hard Sakima, frozen rice sugar.



Machine   power



300-600kg /   h


12000 * 2000   * 1500mm


3. automatic strong cooling and cutting machine (2)-副本-副本

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