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Automatic Granulating Machine


Машина чак-чак-

Main characteristics of the caramel treats production line equipment

1. Multichannel feed and synchronous operation, so that elasticity of product is not damaged..

2. It is equipped with upper and lower automatic powder sprinkling mechanism to make sprinkling powder more uniform and powder quantity more reasonable.

3. Multichannel combination, one-time forming, more convenient operation.

4. Special cutting mechanism, the cutting is more thorough, and finished product is more standard.

Technical Parameters

Adjustment range

Production capacity


Forming range


Weight, kg




23.5~188 (length)

2~40 (width)



Application. It is mainly used for milling of high-gluten noodle foods, such as Shaqima, etc.

33.1 ss Snack Food-横版 - 副本

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